Diamonds have deep meanings for any occasion that they are gifted or bought for. They have produced such rich memories and histories that everyone desires to purchase a few pieces of it in their lifetime.

Such an elegant yet simplistic diamond jewelry piece that also has a fascinating history is the diamond tennis bracelet. Although the name may suggest that it must be worn when playing tennis, and though it can be worn then, it isn’t necessarily a jewelry piece made for playing the sport only.

The bracelet got its name by a renowned tennis player Chris Evert when she lost her diamonds while playing a game and asked to stop it for finding them. Before that, it was called the eternity bracelet, and after the event, its name changed and got a lot of fame.

A diamond tennis bracelet is a collection of several diamonds that go around the wrist and provides an exquisite look. Buying such an expensive and heavily studded piece of jewelry requires some knowledge prior to it and instructions on which type to buy. For this reason, the following tips can help you be ahead of your purchase and get quality with the right style:

The Occasion

Jewelry items are bought, and many of them are gifted to loved ones on special occasions, annual events, or once in a lifetime happenings. They represent a person’s style, are fashionable, and speak for the occasion. Although diamond jewelry looks good at any time, there are some times for which a heavily diamond-studded bracelet might not be the right choice.

For instance, on casual events, it can overshine the simple outfit but go perfectly at formal events and dance parties to balls and proms.

As the matter of gifting the tennis bracelet is concerned, it serves as a memorable present for birthdays and other ceremonies, as well as on unforgettable milestones. It can be a beautiful marriage gift but not a proposal item.

The Cut and the Metal

A tennis bracelet is a piece of loose wrist jewelry that is all rounded with beautiful diamond stones. These bracelets have diamond settings that are firmly attached in different prongs settings. A tennis bracelet can have diamonds of any cut and color of your liking, but the princess cut is a go-to for many.

When looking for the right metal to go with your precious bracelet diamonds, there are many choices consisting of gold, white gold, platinum, silver, among others. Metal choosing should be done prudently as it should complement the diamond well. The most popular choices are rose, yellow, and white gold and platinum.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet Buying Tips

Jewelry buying may be the most time taking venture due to the preciousness of the gems and metals. Choosing the right combination of gemstones, metals, cuts, and settings can be indeed hard. That is why if you are to purchase a diamond tennis bracelet, it will be better to leave some of the decision makings to the professionals and get ready-made designs.

Diamond tennis bracelet at Secret Shhh and other well-known jewelry stores supply a wide range of designs from which you can surely find your style. If not, you can always customize a unique piece. But make sure to check the legitimacy of the providers and browse different places before choosing one.

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