Are you looking for a great way to thank some of the most important people in your life? Your child’s life? Getting gifts for the teachers in your life can be harder than buying a few apples – and should feel more sincere. 

It can be challenging to come up with good teacher gift ideas, especially when you want to be sure it will show your appreciation. You may not know the teacher very well, making buying a gift that much harder – but these gifts for teachers are sure to help you get across your appreciation. 

Teacher Gift Ideas that Work

Teachers have seen the same gifts for centuries. An apple, a mug, and some pencils. Basic gifts aren’t bad, but getting something you know they will actually like and use is important, so you don’t waste your money.

Fun Classroom Supplies

Teachers often have to purchase their own supplies. Do you know if they’re short on anything or know of some cool new supplies they could utilize? Some good school supplies can make the perfect small gifts for teachers, especially if you’re shopping for more than one.

You could also get a good new bad for them to carry these in. The best tote bags for teachers are out there and would be a great addition to a supply gift, so you’re not just wrapping up a box of markers. 


Teachers, no doubt have cupboards full of ceramic and travel mugs. Try something a little more unique for a teacher gift like a subscription to stitch fix, a clothing company will allow them to look sharp in and out of the classroom.

We all know kids are messy, so you could look into a subscription to Cleancult. They can keep their classroom clean and have supplies for themself as well. 

Lunch Supplies

Think of things anyone would like if they always eat lunch at school every day. A lunch crockpot or other cooking tools that could brighten their day make a great gift. Teachers aren’t walking through the cafeteria or dining hall with the rest of the students every day, so lunch supplies or a good lunch bag is a gift that they can use and enjoy. 

Gift Cards 

While this might not feel like a very personalized or fashionable gift it’s sure to be appreciated, especially if it’s for a store your teacher actually likes. If you see the carrying around a cup of coffee all day, a gift card to the local coffee shop would work well. 

Rest and Relaxation

Teachers have one of the hardest and most important jobs. There isn’t a lot of downtime, and when there is it’s important that they can relax and unwind. Think of some cozy and comforting items that could add a little rest to their life, like a good blanket, slippers, tea, or a subscription to relaxation or meditation apps.

The best teacher gifts show you care and appreciate them, and this type of gift is sure to impart that sentiment.

More Than Just Thank You

Don’t forget to add a nice card to your gift to impart your appreciation. Teachers have long hours with often little thanks, so getting great gifts for teachers is a good way to show you care.

If you follow these teacher gift ideas, you’re sure to succeed in this gift-giving season. And if you found these tips helpful, check us out for great fashion and beauty advice.