Whether switching out your seasonal clothes, moving to a capsule closet or just wanting a change of style, updating your wardrobe can impact more than just what you wear. A neat and tidy closet can inspire better habits, a new work outfit can lift your confidence, and comfortable and flattering clothing can boost your mood.

Make a Style List

updating your wardrobeFinding your style can be as easy as searching for clothes like your favorite outfit. You know, that shirt you want to wear every day or that pair of pants you bought and then went back to get more in each color. You can find fashion inspiration by visiting women’s clothing store in Mount Pleasant SC websites to find other items in that style. Using these sites as a guide, you can build a list of items your wardrobe needs. For this step, it is essential to remember that you are building an inventory list for your final closet, not just listing the things you might be missing.

Shop Your Closet

Once you have your list, it is time to shop your closet. Pull out your favorite items for each checklist category and put them on your bed without worrying about meeting a set number. For instance, if you know that you need four business casual shirts to avoid wearing one to work twice a week, then you would pull out all of your favorite ones in this step and either narrow or expand the number later. Be sure to look critically at each item to find any stains, tears, or loose threads that need to be addressed.

Purge Without Guilt

Once you have all of your favorite items set aside, it is time to purge the rest without guilt. Remember that the only things in your closet should be what is on your list to help purge guilty items, such as those you regret spending the money on, the ones you wish you could still fit into, and the gifts. Make sure that anything you do not wear is set aside to donate, upcycle or recycle.

Shop Your Inspo

Now it is time to shop the stores you used for inspiration and fill in any gaps you have. Purging your old clothes can help inspire you to be more critical about the fit and look of what you buy, and sometimes you can sell your old clothes through online marketplaces to afford more at your favorite stores.

Organize as You Go

As you refill your closet with your favorite clothes, old and new, it is vital to keep it organized. It is a good idea to invest in new shelves, bins and racks to like items together and put out-of-season pieces in clearly labeled containers. Structured storage helps you see what you have and can create an exciting new look for your room.

Updating your wardrobe to reflect your lifestyle, fashion sense and closet space can boost everything from your mood at home and work to your cleaning habits. You can do this by finding the right inspiration photos, making an inventory for your dream closet, and then shopping for items in your closet and at your favorite stores.

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva