Soon winters will be knocking on our doors and all of us want to look more fashionable than before. If you are looking to add some new clothes to your closet, you have come to the right place.

Take out the old pictures of your grandparents as the trends are revisiting this year with bold colors, oversized jackets and flared denims, long sweaters with a modern twist. Giving a boost to your winter style quotient, we have rounded up a few trends for the coming cold weather.

Winter Trends

1. Oversized Jackets

All the big brands will be flooded with oversized puffer jackets, coats and parkas. The quilted jackets will keep you warm. One can witness the urban runaway in style and comfort with these quilted ones.

Also you can begin the season with Shackets (shirt jackets). Those oversized shirt jackets will be the highlight of the season. The designs can range from cool plaids to checks, houndstooth.

If you like oversized, boxy blazers with exaggerated shoulders or roomy below-the-knee cocoon coats, this is one trend you can literally have over your entire wardrobe. The key to look ever-stylish is to buy a size bigger. The plus size will be a good option.

Winter Trends2. Leather

Making a return to the fashion scenario, whether it is leather jacket, pants or leggings or jeggings, you can find these on the ramp this year. Whether you like genuine leather or faux leather, there is something for everyone in this particular section.

The most popular versions are cut with a straight leg and are either black or some wonderfully bold color, like red or olive green. Wear them with posh classics, like a slim-fit crewneck sweater or button-up shirt, to tamper the natural Rockstar vibes of the leather.

3. Chic and Peppy Knitwear

Knitted garments with chic silhouettes will be celebrated this fall/winter. It is the most cliche choice for the season but the versatile shapes and groovy colors add a pop to the boring winter day. The best thing about a jumper is that you can team it up with favorite jeans or leggings and a pair of boots and you look gorgeous than ever. Simply you can wear it over a long dress for that vivacious look. Brands like Fendi’s ankle length sweater dress opens the door to the world of accessories for a glamorous look even in the coldest of the days. Pair your oversized knitted dress with chunky women’s boots and a faux fur bag for a more comfortable look.

4. Tonal Dressing

Choosing a color and covering yourself from head to toe in that color is the highlighting trend this fall while crafting your style with different fabrics and textures. Like a whole denim look or the Co-ord sets. You can also have a little fun by adding different tones of the same shade. Browns, blacks, blues are the preferred choices.

5. Bold And Bright Colors

As we all know designers are working very hard to create something unique and different. You can witness bright shades like lilac, lime green, yellow, red on the red-carpet for the upcoming season. There is no need to cover yourself in these colors. Just include something worth the attention, like a yellow pullover or a blue sweater. Shake the things a little and move on step forward with your fashion game.

6. High Boots

Taking into account the footwear trend, boots never go out of style whether knee length or ankle length, they are here to stay on the top this year. One can add a new boot-style to their collection if done using the old ones. The best options are the pure leather boots with minimal details in black or brown color. Wear them with skinny jeans or leggings and a tailored blazer or with skirts or dresses that hit at least two inches above the top of your boots. These days other color options are also available like nude, olive green, taupe, etc.

Go for these top trends for the upcoming season for the fabulous entry to the new season. According to your budget you can buy these. From big Indian fabric stores to local street shops you can find the different materials to be in style in winters. Without thinking twice, visit for more updates.


Photos from Unsplash