Did you know that the global menswear market is expected to grow by 150 billion dollars in the next few years? This is thanks to the ever-evolving fashion in menswear. But what if you’ve been out of the fashion loop and have no idea what to wear?

It is important to stay stylish and keep up with the latest trends. Luckily, now is the perfect time to make up for lost time and get your closet up to date for the season. Check out this guide for a quick overview of the latest men’s summer fashion trends.

Linen Pants

Summer is supposed to be a time of laid-back living. Happily, that applies to clothing during this hot season, so make the most of easy-breezy fabrics like linen. Swap your usual poly trousers for an airy pair of wide-leg linen pants that will help keep you cool, comfortable, and properly dressed for pretty much any occasion. 

Nautical Items

One of the best new summer fashion trends is actually an old one that goes back more than a century. Sailors have been wearing stripes since, well, forever, and it became uber-trendy for regular dudes to sport them ages ago. This year you’ll see not only those classic stripes but also prints in nautical patterns like anchors, sailboats, and other maritime themes. 

Utility Fashion Trends

It’s no secret that most guys love utility shorts, so men everywhere breathed a sigh of relief to see this trend at the top of the list for men’s fashion in summer 2021. But the new utility trend isn’t limited to shorts and pants–you can find it in everything from lightweight summer jackets to bags. Or go pro and don a safari utility vest for your outdoor sporting adventures this season. 


Another one of the best fashion trends out there for both men and women is the return of neon. Bright and cheery hues like neon green, yellow, pink, and orange have been making an appearance on the style scene this season with rave reviews. You can test drive this trend by adding a small dose of it to your outfit in the form of neon sneakers, a bag, or a hat. 

Camp Collars

The name may sound like a throw-back to childhood summers, but don’t be fooled–it’s a grownup trend that is perfect for Casual Fridays. If you’re not familiar with camp collars, it’s a shortened collar found on polo shirts and other short sleeve collared dressy and casual shirts. They can be found at traditional retailers and also in custom tailored clothing shops for a unique look. 

Ready to Rock Fashion Trends?

Now that you’ve learned all about the latest men’s fashion trends for 2021, you can try them with confidence. You can stay in your comfort zone by wearing some classic old/new trends like utility and nautical clothing items. But if you want to try out some new items in clothing for men, grab something in neon. 

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