As long as you have a perfect, well-proportioned body, wearing high-cut bikinis will not be a problem for you. However, for a lot of women out there, choosing swimwear for everyone to see during a beach outing can be a very challenging undertaking.

Most women take in a lot of consideration when purchasing a bikini. They may even implement an exercise regimen a few months prior so that they can prepare their body for the bikini of their choice.

Women may also fall prey to choosing bikinis or swimwear according to their body types. Categorising women as pear-shape, inverted triangle, apple, or hourglass may have worked for previous generations.

However, a new generation of women are now inclined to break free from classifications and may choose clothing according to how this clothing makes them feel. The women of the modern age now rely more on their intrinsic motivations for wearing a particular type of swimwear rather than choosing a bikini based on their body types.

Nevertheless, women of today’s generation must still adhere to specific guidelines when choosing what bikinis to buy and wear according to body differences. These guidelines are more for practical reasons while still making women appear more flattering and more proportional.

Here is some useful guidance in choosing what bikinis to wear come summertime.

Huge Chest. Big-breasted women should avoid string bikinis or swimwear tops for normal breasted women. Since huge-chested women have more upper torso weight to carry, swimsuit tops with appropriate cup sizes, thicker straps, and underwiring will help give these women the support they need.

Small Chest. Women with small chests are beautiful as they are. However, if they want to have a more proportional looking bikini body, they should purchase a bikini top with ruffles or accessories to create an illusion of larger breast size. Likewise, bikini tops that are lined with padding can also give additional volume to the chest area.

Flat Butt. Swimwear bottoms that come with frills and accessories create an illusion of fuller buttocks. Another way to distract people from seeing a flat behind is to show some cheek by opting for high-cut bikinis.

Big Butt. If you are comfortable with your skin, then it does not matter if you wear high cut bikini bottoms. However, if you are squeamish about revealing your buttocks, then choose bikinis that have enough fabric for coverage.

Love Handles. Women who do not want their love handles to bulge out during bikini season should opt for high-waisted bikini bottoms with the top band extending above the belly button.

Short Legs. Women with short legs can extend the lines of their legs by wearing high-cut bikini bottoms. When seen from the side, the continuous skin from the toes to the hemline of the high-cut bikini will create an illusion that the legs go for miles.

Full Thighs. Women with full thighs should avoid wearing high-cut bikinis and opt for swimwear bottoms with more coverage. Skirted-bikini bottoms will help conceal the full thighs and create a more proportional leg area.

Although the above guidelines are there to help create a more proportional looking body come bikini season, the best thing that a woman can do is to wear whatever bikini she has chosen with a lot of confidence. It is the confidence behind what the woman is wearing that makes her sexy.

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