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Academy of Art University at #NYFW: Lindsey Trueman, MFA Fashion Design

lindsey_trueman-desgnerLindsey Trueman, MFA Fashion Design, was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Her thesis collection is inspired by her family heritage, uniting her great-great grandmother story and Native American roots. Tailored silhouettes are created using repurposed grain sacks bearing original embroidered initials and burn-out brocade. Garments appear to have already had their own life and story. By giving them new life, Lindsey longs for honoring her own heritage, drawing strength from that and building a legacy for the future.

The collection: (1) Graphic print grain sack long split coat with shirt and pants (2) Grain sack long jacket with shirt and pants (3) Long shirt dress with vintage embroidery and pants (4) Grain sack jacket, shirt and pants (5) Burn out brocade jacket and shirt dress (6) Grain sack coat and shirt dress

Credit: Melody Hesaraky, MFA Textile Design, created one of the prints

This is the 20th Showing of the Academy of Art at New York Fashion Week. This season, the School of Fashion at Academy of Art University selected thirteen 13 students to debut their Spring 2017 collections

“Since our first runway presentation at New York Fashion Week in September 2005, the show has grown in size and in the caliber of those in attendance such as retail executives, designers, recruiters, as well as the national and international media,” said Dr. Elisa Stephens, President of Academy of Art University. “We have always been committed to help launch the careers of our students, and are honored to have a platform of this magnitude to present their work.”

“This season each of designers holds a unique and thoughtful vision,” said Simon Ungless, Executive Director of the School of Fashion at Academy of Art University. “Their collections honor the essence of our industry and carry a conscientious connection to textile design, three-dimensional design, tailoring and construction techniques, they honor the essence of our industry. It has been a pleasure for all of us in the School of Fashion to guide them while preserving their individuality and integrity.”

Photos courtesy of Academy of Art University

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