Atelier Paulin: Quintessential French Craftsmanship Comes to Dallas

Friday, the 13th day of April looked like a typical shopping day at Tootsies except that when you enter the famed store at Preston Road, an artisan hand shaping a precious metal wire into a bracelet catches your eye.

The artisan is Normandy-native Jérémy Mutel who became the most popular person at Tootsies last Friday as shoppers flocked to his work table and ordered their personalized bracelet, earcuff, ring, fibula, hoop, cufflinks or torc. Because it takes from 15 to 30 minutes to create each piece, you can actually watch Jérémy create your order.

Using a single continuous strand of precious metal wire, Jérémy delicately hand shapes each item using tools specially designed for the job. Using a timeless technique that had been handed down from generation to generation of artisans, each becomes a personal statement.

From your name, to words like LOVE, HAPPY, HELLO or even names of places, each jewelry has a personal meaning to the wearer.

Created from a single precious metal wire: argentium, 9K and 14K gold-filled wire – expect every item to be timeless, delicate and refined. And if you so choose, 18K gold wire jewelry in yellow, rose or white gold is also available. Atelier Paulin also offers their signature twisted thread and the hammered thread in addition to the simple thread.

If you missed Jérémy, he will be back at Tootsies in December. You can also order online at

If you happen to be in New York, you can visit Atelier Paulin at 209 W 38th Street, Suite 705, New York NY 10018. Tel: (212) 588-8852.