Automat Radio 2018 Powered By Emporio Armani Eyewear


EA 2068 -Feminine glasses with a rounded design embellished with a thin metal double bridge. The minimal and linear design guarantees great visual comfort while the mirrored lenses with contrasting matte frame and the delicate Emporio Armani logo on the arms make the model even more elegant. Available in pale gold with gold mirrored lenses or in metallic pink with matching mirrored lenses.


EA 4120 -Lightness, innovation and a bold geometric shape distinguish this ‘inverted’ semi-rim model. The lenses, which are exposed in the upper part, are surrounded at the bottom by a striking semi-frame front, injected with nylon fibre. The design is bold yet feminine and sophisticated. Available in shiny black with brown gradient lenses, and dove-grey with brown mirrored lenses.


EA 4121 -These glasses, which starred in the spring/summer 2018 fashion show, feature a striking, round, oversized shape and have a retro feel. There is an innovative double layer of contrasting lenses visible on the top part of the frame front, accentuating the shape and colour of the frame. The bold acetate frame front contrasts with the slim metal temples that display a distressed logo. It’s a daring, captivating mix of elements for a youthful, personal and bold look. Available in shiny opaline purple with brown gradient lenses and cornflower blue overlapping lenses; shiny striped Havana with purple lenses and overlapping purple lenses; and transparent shiny grey with silver mirrored lenses and grey overlapping lenses.


EA 2063 -Feminine cat-eye glasses with a romantic style, presented in a mix of very light materials. The double front frame features an intriguing combination of shiny and matte: the outside is injected and the inside is made of shiny metal. Available in matte and transparent dove-grey with pink-purple matte metal and light brown gradient lenses, and in transparent matte crystal with turquoise matte metal and light grey gradient lenses.


EA 2069 -This men’s sunglasses model stands out for its delicate design and bold square forms with double bridge. The mirrored lenses with matte frame and the arms with Emporio Armani logo highlight the brand’s attention to detail. Available in matte black with red mirrored lenses or pale gold with gold mirrored lenses.


EA 2070 -A star of the men’s spring/summer show, this metal aviator model is a perfect example of the brand’s contemporary style. The ultra-light frame has a deliberately irregular design with sculpted shapes that make it dynamic and bold. The model is available in a bright copper coloured frame with rose gold mirrored lenses, and with a matte gunmetal frame with light gold brown mirrored lenses.


EA 4116 -A perfect expression of Emporio Armani’s active and sporty style. This enveloping shape features raw edge lenses. The dynamic look is emphasised by the nose pads, which allow the mask-like glasses to adhere perfectly to the face, and by the wide, injected, contrasting-coloured temples with a metallic-effect print and iconic eagle logo. Available in matte black with blue mirrored lenses, and matte black with red mirrored lenses.


EA 2062 -The perfect expression of a contemporary style that embodies Emporio Armani’s propensity to innovate by looking back into the past. This dynamic square model is underlined by the metal construction in which the nylon fibre front is inserted. Available in dark green with matching mirrored lenses or in gunmetal with light grey mirrored lenses.