How were you originally approached about this collaboration? What about it made you want to take part in the project? Why did it speak to you?

I was really flattered when KENZO approached me to be the face of their line. I love the brand, and with denim being a big part of this collection, it made it that much more appealing to me since denim is such a part of my own style. Having Peter Lindbergh on board made the opportunity exciting too.

Were you familiar with KENZO and a fan of the brand?

Yes, of course. I was a huge fan of their [Kenzo World] campaign they shot with Spike.

For the collection that you modeled were any pieces particularly alluring to you and you would like to fit into your wardrobe?

Honestly, I loved all of it! The denim of course, and the florals are so fresh & pretty.

This KENZO collection is rooted in denim. Has your denim philosophy evolved over the years? How did you wear denim as a teenager and how has that changed to now?

I did lots of denim when I was a kid, and still do – it’s really versatile and fun, and just goes with everything. Jeans and a tee shirt or a cute top are like my go-to outfit when I just want to be casual and comfy. And it can be dressy and cool too. I once wore a denim dress to an awards show.

How was it working with Peter Lindbergh? Were you familiar with him or a fan before? Was working with him different than other photographers?

Peter made me laugh so hard on set! I was a big fan of his before – his images are iconic – and am an even bigger fan now. He was so much fun to work with and made me feel very comfortable.

What was the best part about working on the campaign? What was the most difficult aspect?

The most exciting part was being able to collaborate with the team at KENZO and Peter on the creatives for the campaign. I also loved working with KENZO design team on the line itself. Nothing was too difficult, but I would say, since I’m such a perfectionist, I wanted to make sure everything I was doing was just right.

What was meeting Carol and Humberto like? Did they seem like standard heads of a fashion house?

Meeting and working with Carol and Humberto was absolutely wonderful. They were very kind and welcoming to my suggestions and were so open to collaboration. They took great care of me during the process.

How do you feel about the results of the campaign? Do you think it reflects your true likeness?

I couldn’t be happier with the campaign. It’s very me.

I think that this marks the first time that you’ve starred in a campaign for a high fashion brand. Why has it taken so long? Why was this the perfect match?

It really just had to be the right fit and the right opportunity. KENZO pushes boundaries in the fashion world, which is what I like to do in my own career.

You are wearing a baseball cap in many of the images. Are you generally a cap-wearer?

I love all sorts of hats, including baseball caps.