Budget Friendly Fashion Tips for the Stylish Mum to Be

pregnant-womanUnfortunately, none of us really have the money to buy as many clothes as we would like. This is even more so when trying to organise for a baby on the way. But there are ways for you to maintain your style without breaking the budget. Follow these tips to be a trendsetter for other mums to be.

Don’t Just Buy Maternity: You don’t necessarily have to buy maternity clothes to wear during your pregnancy. Regular clothes can do the trick too, as long as they’re loose, or maybe even a couple of sizes too big. Keeping this in mind can make it much easier to buy trendy and attractive outfits to wear during your pregnancy.

Buy Things You can Wear Later: A great way to save money is to buy clothing that you can continue to wear after your pregnancy. Things like maxi dresses and stretch pants can continue to be worn long after. It’s annoying having to buy clothing, knowing that after a certain date you will never use them again. So, keep an eye out for things that are transferrable, things you can continue to wear and keep looking chic.

Buy Online: Buying online is a great way to save money. The great thing about buying maternity clothes online, is that you don’t necessarily need them to be perfectly shaped to your body. If anything, you want them to be loose and a little bit too big. So, when buying online, be sure to purchase your clothing a size or two larger than you normally would so that you can be sure that they will fit throughout your pregnancy.

Buy Second Hand: Remember that you’re allowed to stray from the conventional methods of buying maternity wear. Second hand markets and stores have a range of cute vintage and retro clothing. They may not stock specific clothes for pregnancy, but they will almost definitely have things that will fit, feel comfortable and look great. Just shop a few sizes larger than you normally would.

Sales: Just because there are options like online shopping and second hand markets, don’t rule out the conventional stores. Have a browse and see what they’re prices are like. If you’re not interested, you can always keep an eye on their sales. A good idea is to buy maternity wear in advance. If you’re hoping to fall pregnant, you may as well grab some clothes if you see something that is affordable and catches your eye.

Keep these tips in mind when buying clothes for your pregnancy. You want to save as much money as possible so that you can devote as much of it as possible to your new bundle of joy. But don’t rule out the possibility of being both comfortable and trendy at the same time. It takes perseverance, and a good eye for shopping. To check out some great deals on maternity wear that will complement your body, visit http://www.maternitysale.com.au