Charms With a Message: Our Favorite Silver Charms for That Special Someone


Jewelry has been around for over 40,000 years. It has been used for gifts, to create fashion statements, and everything in between.

Are you looking for a meaningful way to gift silver charms to a special person in your life?

Read on to find out how charms for jewelry can be incorporated into everyday fashion as well as tips for finding the perfect gift.

Incorporating Silver Charms Into Your Everyday Look

One of the best things about silver jewelry is the versatility each piece brings to your overall aesthetic. You can dress up a button-up shirt with high-end jewelry or tone down a slip dress by pairing it with charms that reflect your personality.

Here are some easy ways to add personalized charms to any outfit.

Classic Charm Bracelet

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear “jewelry charms” is usually the middle-school essential: charm bracelets.

Far from going out of style, charm bracelets have shifted from declarations of preteen-friendship to markers of key moments in your life. Some families have started a tradition where they gift special charms for each momentous occasion, such as a graduation, milestone birthday, or anniversary.

Add Them to an Earring

For those with an eclectic personal style, adding mismatched silver pendant charms to hooped earrings completes each bold outfit.

Because there are thousands of different charms to choose from, they can change up their look as often as they want to!

Multiple Charms on a Statement Necklace

If one-charm-at-a-time isn’t the method for you, you can slip them all onto a delicate silver chain.

Mix and match charms to create an entirely different vibe. You can group charms with the same accent colors, or combine contrasting shapes to add interest and depth.

Charms With a Message

The key when buying charms for special occasions is choosing a color, size, and design that matches your loved one’s personality and lifestyle. While dazzling diamond charms look stunning, they might not be your loved one’s cup of tea if they value simplicity.  

What occasion are you gifting the charm for? And what do you want your gifted charm to show? 

For birthdays, choose charms that pay homage to an inside joke the two of you share, or a precious memory you have of them. For example, a trip to Italy can be memorialized by Venetian-inspired charms from jewelry designer Eredi Jovon

For occasions like anniversaries, you can either lean into the nature of the day or focus on the number that the anniversary carries. Is it the anniversary of your first kiss? Has it been two years since they went into remission? A silver charm with a number holds meaning for the receiver, and looks stylish while doing so!  

What Silver Charms Will You Be Gifting Your Loved One?

You should now have some ideas for gifting silver charms to a special person in your life. 

Whether they are avid jewelry-wearers or prefer to keep it simple, there is a charm for every person and every occasion.  

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