Dawid_Tomaszewski_FS15_027The 2015 Dawid Tomaszewski‘s sping summer collection Suprematism is inspired by the art movement of Russian contructivism and elements of the Bauhaus style.

Constructivism is the Russian form of modern art that symbolizes a new conceptual direction whilst also serving a social intention. Suprematism is characterized by a minimalistic approach with a particular attention to the details, white cashmere and silks elegantly combined with red goat leather and accents of embroidery and lace.

The color palate of this collection evokes symbiosis, with soft hues of white and grey boldly pierced with red and accented with teal.

The delicate summery silks are refined with sequin embroideries to accentuate the signature print of this collection, which in turn is both filigree and expressive.

The print itself is derived from construction blue prints and influences for both the print and this collection as a whole can clearly be seen in the work of American painter and sculptor Donald Jude and the Italian installation artist Esther Stocker.

The accessories of the summer collection are produced in cooperation with the Swiss bag company Tanah Rhea. The shoes have been customized in cooperation with Polish brand Kazar.

For the first time cosmetic brand Catrice is the official sponsor of Dawid Tomaszewski’s runway show. Every model gets styled with Catrice products. Each look draws an expressive contrast to the pure collection.

The darkish eye makeup underlines the classical and sensual female side – as opposed to the visual emphasis on the nails which reflect the collection’s print both in color and in shape.