DKNY Men F13 34

NEW YORK, Feb 6, 2013/ — With the real New York skyline as its backdrop, DKNY Men stood tall like its home city’s skyscrapers with a collection that is so New York – sportive yet classic at the same time, a jeans-wearing executive who a few hours earlier was the epitome of the boardroom decision-maker in his impeccable suit and tie.

That sums up the DKNY Men Fall 2013 collection, a high and low street amalgamation. A jacket made from leather and denim, a blouson in camouflage, crisply tailored suits and trousers – all of them suggesting “be aware, alpha male in the vicinity.”

And it’s not just the clothes. The accessories from the cross-body messenger bag to the beanies all the way to sunglasses denote a man in control of his environment – the city. Gone is the metrosexual of yesterday. Welcome to the city’s alpha male – the metro gent who just happened to be a DKNY lad.