Ethel Vaughn F13 03DALLAS, Jun 9, 2013/ — Founded in 2010 by Hamburg-based designer Katrin Weber, Ethel Vaughn made its mark in fashion with its classic cuts and sporty simplicity that also reflects the duality of its components: casual fashion and outspoken accents.

Now on its third year and having passed the acid test of its freshman and sophomore years, designer Katrin Weber was ready to tackle the question, “who am I and where do I come from?” both for the label and for herself.

Born in the eighties and having grown up in the nineties, Weber was affected by two extreme and opposing styles from both decades. So for the Ethel Vaughn Fall/Winter 2013/2014 collection, Katrin Weber manages to combine the seemingly incompatible contradictions of the striking 80s with 90s’ minimalism to create a harmonious contemporary offering.

Ethel Vaugh’s collection is comprised of clean and sporty cuts, with some pieces adhering strictly to a monochromatic palette, while others are paired with striking prints. The label successfully combines casual attire, outspoken prints and a spirited mixture of materials resulting in coherent ensembles with edgy details to amplify its individuality.

With comfort in mind, Ethel Vaughn garments that are often unisex, cozy, and suitable for a variety of occasions.