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winter(BPT) – Whether you are shopping for yourself, updating a loved one’s look, or wondering what to wear to a party in chilly temperatures, there are key items to look for when shopping this season that are sure to have you fashionably warm.

Fashion ideas for women

“Bring in those dresses that have the lighter colors like pale pinks and light greens from the summer, and then layer with your darker winter pieces,” says Sheila Warden, fashion director at The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale. “Sweaters and tweed jackets are hot right now and transition well from fall through winter, and are even wearable in the spring.”

Tops and bottoms in the same print are en trend, and easy to wear, especially when hosting. “We don’t have time to over think what to wear. We’re too busy making sure everything else is right, and just want to put on something we know is fashionable and will work,” Warden says.

There are also all kinds of jackets this season. Go for leather jackets, jackets with prints and your solid colored jackets. Just remember that if you pick a jacket with a louder print, you’ll want to pick something not-so-exciting underneath.

Lastly for the shoe fanatics, don’t overlook one of the biggest hits this season: the open toed bootie. They come in every color, fabric and style, and can be found in just about any shoe store.

“Boots in general are a win-win. Anything from ankle to thigh high in leather and snake skin with red and black leading will be a hit,” says Charlene Parsons, fashion director at Miami International University of Art & Design. If you want a break from boots, ballerina slippers can also carry you through the seasons.

Coats will be your pricier purchase, but it is your best buy of the season. “When it comes to coats and outer wear, take on texture, shearling and fur mixed with leather and in color too,” Parsons says. “Don’t be afraid to make your coat your fashion statement.”

Accessories are a must for winter wear, and they also make great gifts as you can avoid guessing sizes. “Neck candy or big pieces of costume jewelry will be great this winter. You can use them with a jeans and t-shirts look or with a cocktail dress,” Warden says.

Parsons adds that the shopping bag and the shopping basket handbag looks are staples this winter season. And don’t forget about the back pack along with the hand painted bags and the jeweled clutch.

Fashion ideas for guys

Sweaters and cardigans are coming back for men of all ages. “Charcoal colors, dusty grays and blacks are sure-win colors for any man’s closet,” Warden says.

En trend for men are dye sublimation socks with printed styles. “Young men are collecting socks this winter and these printed socks will be a great addition to their select stash of trendy pieces,” Warden adds.

When considering tops this winter, consider stripes instead of plaids but go for winter colors like burgundy.

Stick to wools for jacket pieces, cottons in shirts and tops, knits or double knits for sweaters and cardigans, fun jackets made of leather or faux fur and suede for the more laid back and a clean- cut gentleman. Crushed velvet is great for a dress jacket or vest and it’s perfect for the holidays.

Boots and oxfords are the primary fall and winter shoe wear across the country. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your oxfords with a more casual look and your boots with a more sophisticated look, but consider where you’re going and what you’ll be doing.

Scully hats and the beanie are coming back for men as well. Male handbags are also a trend that can serve a utilitarian purpose carrying items such as a laptop, wallet, pen and iphone.

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