Fashion Mishaps That Turned into Memes

Even with a team of stylists and top-notch designers working around the clock, celebrities don’t always get fashion right. Between public appearances and red carpet events, a lot of things can go wrong with their looks and the fashion pieces they wear. In fact, a lot of things did go wrong over the years.

Some of those mishaps created some epic memes and funny images that went viral. Let’s take a break from following the latest of our beloved celebrities’ fashion choices and take a look at funny memes that were started by celebs’ fashion choices.

The Lady Gaga Gloves

Lady Gaga wore an incredibly beautiful dress and rocked a stunning look when she attended the 2015 Oscars. The only problem was that she wore a pair of red gloves, and the internet went crazy for them. The gloves, probably added to the look to maintain Lady Gaga’s ‘unusual’ persona, were more like latex gloves you wear before doing some cleaning. The memes were streaming like a flood.

Lady Gaga was portrayed as a janitor and a cleaning lady just minutes after her red carpet photos went viral. Other versions, including this Captain America Gaga, hit the internet crowd not too long after. News outlets started to take notice of the memes and began reporting on them more, which was unfortunate for the pop singer.

J-Law Sheets

Jennifer Lawrence wore a Dior dress that looked stunning on her when she attended the 71st annual Golden Globes, but the internet decided to disagree. The root of the disagreement? The way her dress looked like bedsheets tied using two black bands. The memes started pouring in and it went completely viral from there.

People started posting pictures of their pets wearing bedsheets and black bands. Soon after, the human version of the memes captured the attention of everyone. The incident even had a name: Lawrencing. It quickly turned into a competition for the best copy of J-Law’s look that night and people really went all out.

Even Lana Del Ray joined the excitement and posted her version. That’s how crazy this meme was.

Steve Harvey’s New Year Look

The most recent fashion-mishap-turned-meme incident wasn’t really a mishap. New Year’s Eve was incredibly cold this year, so it is understandable that many celebrities decided to wear extra layers as they hosted shows and performed. Unfortunately for Steve Harvey, the internet just couldn’t let his white coat and white hat combination go.

Photos of Steve Harvey in his New Year look started circulating on social media and top sites like Lol Hit. Soon after, several versions of Harvey’s memes entertained everyone. Some compared Steve Harvey to Inspector Gadget. Others go with the similarities between the presenter’s look and Doug Dimmadome. A Twitter user even went as far as comparing Harvey’s look with an inside-out Oreo cookie.

Harvey took the memes in a lighthearted way though. He discussed the look on his show and, jokingly, went after those who made the memes. It was a very cold night after all and all he wanted to do was stay warm while he presented Fox’s New Year’s Eve telecast.

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