Did you know that ancient braces were made out of gold? While braces no longer have gold, they are still a big, but important, investment. Having braces can increase your confidence and improve your oral health. 

If you are ready to have straight teeth and a beautiful smile, the first step is to find the best orthodontist near you.

If there are several orthodontists in your hometown, how do you choose the best one? Keep reading to learn all about finding the best local orthodontist. 

Consider Education and Experience

One of the first things you should consider when looking for an orthodontist is their education information and experience in the dental industry. 

If you do some research, you can determine when an orthodontist graduated from school, where they went, and what they studied. You also can tell how long they have been orthodontists.

While experience levels shouldn’t be the deciding factor in your decision, it may be comforting to find an orthodontist with experience, especially if you have young kids. 

Look for Convenience

When looking for an orthodontist, try to find a convenient office. You, or your child, will be visiting the office often, so the distances from work, school, and your house are important. 

It’s also important to consider the office hours. If the orthodontist office is only open while you are at work, you will have to miss work for appointments.

If you can find an orthodontist office that works with your schedule, that is ideal.

How Is the Office Environment?

When choosing an orthodontist, you should go in for a consultation before deciding. During the appointment, check out the office environment.

Is it clean, and is the staff friendly? If not, you may want to consider going to a different office. 

Consider the Orthodontist’s Personality

Another important consideration to make when choosing an orthodontist is their personality. A good orthodontist should answer all your questions, provide explanations, and make casual conversation. 

If you are taking your child to see an orthodontist, make sure the orthodontist’s personality is right for children. If they make jokes, play games, and teach your child about caring for their teeth, they could be a good fit. 

Make Sure They Offer the Right Treatments

Before settling on an orthodontist, make sure they offer the right treatments. While some orthodontists offer traditional metal braces, others offer clear aligner therapy

To find out if an orthodontist offers the services you want, ask before scheduling an appointment. Keep in mind that even if you want one type of treatment, a different type may work better for your teeth. 

Are You Ready to Find the Best Orthodontist?

Visiting an orthodontist is the best way to straighten your teeth and improve your confidence. If you are looking for the best orthodontist, look for a convenient office and a friendly orthodontist. 

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