If you’re into biking and looking to upgrade your wardrobe, it’s essential you know how to put together the perfect biker outfit. 

Like other fashion trends, biker outfits change over time while still maintaining their essential pieces. For some inspiration and cool biker outfit ideas, here is everything you need to know. 

Leather Jacket 

The leather jacket is iconic for bikers and is considered a staple by many. Though there are other types of jackets to choose from, you’ll want to be sure it’s leather because it provides protection for riding. 

Leather jackets are thicker and more durable and help protect bikers in the outdoor elements. Debris is constantly flying off the roads when you’re riding, so you’ll need something to protect your arms, torso, and back. 

Though leather jackets aren’t cheap, it’s a long-term investment that you won’t regret. 


Like a leather jacket, a good set of biker pants will help protect your legs while riding. There are a couple of different choices of biker’s pants you can choose from depending on your style. 

The most common choice is denim jeans. Boot-cut jeans are the most practical option, but you can also wear skinny jeans if you’re more comfortable. Skinny jeans are more uncommon for male bikers but women wear them all the time. 

If you want a traditional and authentic biker look, you can also wear leather pants. These aren’t as common as they used to be, but it’s perfect for a truly authentic look. 

Biker Boots

You’ll have room to get creative when it comes to biker boots. Most bikers wear leather boots because it provides the most protection. You’ll also want to find boots that have a buckle around the outside of the ankle and a slight heel to help you grip the bike.

Beyond this, you can pick any style and color you want. You can stick to the traditional colors like black and brown, or go for something out of the box like pink or blue. 

You can also experiment with different styles of boots, like boots that go over the knee or boots with tassels.  You can view more types of biker boots here


Once you have the essential biker pieces, you can experiment heavily with the accessories. You can add sunglasses, bandanas, necklaces, bracelets, patches, and make-up to make the look your own. 

Gloves are another cool accessory that you may want to consider. 

Once you put it all together, you’ll feel like the coolest person in the room. 

Now You Know How to Put Together the Perfect Biker Outfit 

These are all the main pieces you need to put together an awesome biker outfit. Within each of these clothing pieces, you have the flexibility to get creative and cater the look for your style preferences. 

Though some of these biker clothes come with a heavy price tag, you can find more affordable options if you buy them lightly used at vintage stores. 

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