Indulge Your Inner Diva with the Best Fashion MagazinesOn a global scale, the fashion industry is worth over $406 billion. It’s painfully obvious that this market is quite a profitable one.
Because it’s such a big and burgeoning industry, you may want to get in on it. Whether that’s for financial or personal reasons, it doesn’t matter; staying on top of things is vital. If you’re a diva at heart, then here are the best fashion magazines you need to read.


As the name suggests, Elle magazine first started off in France back in 1945 and then became a global sensation. If you’re looking for something that goes a bit deeper than just fashion, this may be the publication for you.

Elle handles more serious issues, such as politics and news. Who says you can’t be fashionable and smart at the same time?

Marie Claire

This magazine also originated from France. Marie Claire started a bit earlier than Elle; they began printing their publication in 1937.

Like its cousin, Marie Claire is an international magazine that tackles not only fashion subjects, but also political ones. Both are amazing to read if you want to be an empowered woman.


This is the ultimate fashion magazine; it’s been around since 1892, which makes it one of the oldest fashion publications around. It first started off as a weekly newspaper, but soon became a monthly magazine.

Their magazine cover often features the hottest celebrities, such as Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence, and Oprah. Today, there are 23 versions of it all over the world.

Here’s one for the men, or people interested in men’s fashion. While most other magazines are geared towards women, this one puts men front and center.

GQ’s been around since 1931 and is based in New York. For everything you need to know about dressing dapper, GQ’s where you need to look.


Allure’s an American magazine that’s relatively new on the scene when compared to the rest on this list. It was founded in 1991 in New York City and is famous for their tips on beauty regimens. So if you’re looking for something that’s less about clothes and more about makeup, this is the magazine to choose.


This is also another “new” magazine; InStyle started publication in 1994 and now is published in both the US and Australia. Not only does this magazine explore fashion, but it also delves into intimate interviews with celebrities.

If you can’t get enough info about famous people, you’re sure to get a satisfying amount of it if you read InStyle.

Get These Fashion Magazines to Keep Up with Trends

By reading the above fashion magazines, you’ll be able to be the hottest fashion diva on the block. Be the first to discover all the trends and show off your style!

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