Jean-Paul Lespagnard Spring 2014: Till We Drop

Jean Paul Lespagnard S14 (17)PARIS, Oct 1, 2013/ — Till We Drop is inspired by the exuberance of the big hotels along the Riviera Maya in Mexico and the artificial paradise they represent.

With hsi backpack on, Jean-Paul Lespagnard explores this euphoric universe full of transgression and freedom, impulsively following the trail of colored cocktails, observing the touristic attire and studing the rituals between visitors and locals.

In this collection, Jean-Paul Lespagnard plays with stereotypes: the touris pants and poncho, beach club wear and the hotel bathrobe are reinvented with elegance, in luxurious materials and being the trademark of the designer – with an extreme care for the ease and comfort needed by any contemporary woman.

The transformative qualities of this wardrobe establish a full and unhibited life. Natural crease-resistant fibers, stretch, sportive cuts, ample sleeves, elastic waists, adjustable snaps; these garments are conceived to be worn, to be lived in and to become the urban adventurer’s favorite outfit.

An effortless black dress becomes sophisticated and mysterious at night. A practical and comfortable rug sack (in collaboration with Eastpak) turns into a handbag in no time.

The motifs of the mescal glasses and the hotel floor, the colors of toffee and burned sugar create the flavor of this collection that will be the starting point of a “carte blanche” exhibition of the designer at Galeries des Galeries, permanent venue exhibition at Galeries Lafayette Haussman, from January 29th to March 5th 2014 and of a window installation during that same period.