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Interesting Facts About Pearls

Pearls have a classic beauty and have been used for centuries to create exotic jewelry pieces. The exquisite jewel found at the bottom of the sea is created by nature because a grain of sand irritated an oyster. The oyster reacted by coating the foreign object with a substance to …
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Deep sea pearls

Formed from the soft tissue of a shelled mollusk, pearls are made up of layers of calcium carbonate. Pearls should ideally be round and smooth, but many other shapes exist. The finest of pearls have been considered gems and are looked on as things of great value, beauty and rarity. …
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Introducing: Thirteen 31 Jewelry

Black diamonds, characterized as the non-traditional opposite, these extraordinary gemstones evoke and energetic power, fueling light from within their darkness. Black remains largely misunderstood but for diamond prodigy Joanne Fiske, its vibrancy and value have defined her center and core. Her grandfather, a stone-setter for both Cartier and Tiffany’s, most …