Lisa Perry PF15 (1)
A-line mini dresses, chevrons, multi-color blocks and geometric shapes, the Lisa Perry Pre-Fall 2015 collection takes fashionistas back to the 1960s when Mod was in and Twiggy made history by becoming the first supermodel ever.

But, surprisingly, that is not the inspiration of this collection. For Pre Fall 2015 Lisa Perry drew inspiration from an unlikely source – the bright uniforms of the sanitation and construction workers on the streets of Manhattan.

The collection, “Uniformly Neon,” has an assortment of electric shades of pink, yellow, blue and orange made of dyed techie satin. We also developed a scribble print and have two fun graphic prints; cubic and crossword puzzle.

Lisa Perry PF15 (2) Lisa Perry PF15 (3) Lisa Perry PF15 (4) Lisa Perry PF15 (5) Lisa Perry PF15 (6)

Photos courtesy of Lisa Perry