Lutz Huelle F14 (7)

On his press notes, Lutz Huelle wrote:

“Visiting Francois Roche’s futuristic all-white Paris apartment “The Snake”, I started wondering what it would feel like to live in a place where every little detail was designed in the most perfect and beautiful way, and where even getting up in the morning and shuffling into the kitchen for coffee with the blanket thrown over the shoulders would turn into a tableau.”

Lengths and squares of fabric (the simplest of shapes) became constructed capes and coats. Shirts were turned into graphic dresses by adding different textures and accessories. Thick black-and-white Aran knits are worked to resemble lace, and straight pleats are mixed with a high-performance wool to create pleated dresses that might be worn like sweatshirts.

Finally, a navy blue double wool was combined with silver shearling for a series of pea-coats that are classic and futuristic at the same time.

Photos courtesy of Lutz Huelle