Mercedes Fashion Week Madrid Otoño/Invierno 2014-2015On Tuesday, February 18, 2014, at the Feria de Madrid, María Glück unveiled the HOWL by María Glück Fall 2014 collection under the auspices Samsung EGO Innovation Project held in conjunction with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid.

EGO is a committee for young talents in fashion, organized by IFEMA, which is held twice a year as part of MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK MADRID, a great space for the promotion of Spanish fashion and foremost reference.

Photos courtesy of IFEMA

From the Press Notes:

Líneas de la colección Febrero 2014

Days turn darker and darker. Probably it’s just about 4 hours of daylight in the deepest part of winter. In some places not even that. Birds initiated their migration trip from Scandinavia via Berlin until they get to Extremadura.

The don´t run away from the cold, even if it would seem the actual reason. They want to leave the lack of light behind. The darkness. If it would be music it would sound like a trumpet, somehow far, like minimal electronic sounds. A lot of silence and certain noise.

Birds gather together in organic formations, those ones in the back manage to save up to 30% of energy. It’s a real system that works because they substitute each other. Black embraces the darkness of winter and white confirms it. Soil, nettle and wood are autumn.

The NOMADIC collection brings along neutral colors, black, white and ecru, beige and greys. Organic materials, recycled fabrics and experimental ones. Wood and digital cut.

Minimal and deconstructed shapes are the ground of this collection. Coats that change position, frontal parts that get together with the back parts despite the body. Other designs and patterns take their inspiration in post-constructivist sculptures or structures and the lines that keep them together.

The method used in designing and creating this collection requires draping and experimental pattern and texture. The sketches are more of a conceptual guide: some sculpture like pieces and other more natural ones. In some garments, texture and fabric have a bigger presence, and in others, it is the pattern and its deconstruction.