Nicole Miller Goes From the Jungles in Panama to the Streets of New York

The iconic New York designer Nicole Miller has released the brand’s Spring 2017 campaign. Styled by NYLON’s J. Errico, the campaign brings fashionistas from the jungles of Panama to the streets of New York.

Inspired by vintage Panamanian craftsmanship and combined with contemporary New York City influences, the Spring 2017 collection features distinct geometrical design of the mola pattern from indigenous Panama. This old world design was incorporated into modern silhouettes throughout the collection to create what Nicole Miller describes as a ‘culture mix’.

With this unanticipated “culture mix,” finding a location for the Spring 2017 campaign was a challenge. How do you tell a story with two designs from the opposite ends of the spectrum. A walk in the streets of New York provided the answer.

A melting pot, New York City house a microcosm of many cultures. Scouring New York for the perfect location, the team looked into street scenes, garden spaces and even bodegas were considered.

Then, they stumbled upon a hidden gem El Kallejon, a restaurant in Spanish Harlewhich completely embodied the theme of the collection. Nicole Miller loved the idea of putting the model in the middle of the space. With the ideal Nicole Miller woman is strong and independent, the model was allowed to take over, giving her take on the 21st century woman.

The result, a campaign that is reflective of the spirit from the collection – fun and colorful with a bit of edge.

Location: El Kallejon, NYC
Model: Zhenya Katava
Photographer: Brad Triffit
Stylist: J. Errico
Hair: Michelle Coursey
Make up: Michelle Coursey