nordgreen watchesWristwatches? Aren’t they so last decade? No, they are not. In fact, wristwatches are here to stay and will always be on trend and on point when it comes to fashion because watches are not just functional items. Since its invention in 1868, wristwatches have always been a fashion statement.

Case in point, Copenhagen-based Nordgreen. A Scandinavian design watch company, Nordgreen is a new name on the list of watchmakers. Founded in 2017 by Pascar Sivam and Vasilij Brandt, Nordgreen hit the ground running with their sales reaching $1.2 million in its first year and their watches being sold in 70-plus countries.

If this came as a surprise to investors, it did not surprise watch aficionados a bit. Nordgreen watches are designed by Jakob Wagner, a five-time recipient of the IF Product Design Award and Designer of the Year. He honed his skills at Bang & Olufsen, Hay, B&B Italia and Cappellini.

For Nordgreen, Wagner created the Pioneer, the Philosopher, the Infinity and the Native.

nordgreen the pioneerThe Pioneer

The Pioneer is Nordgreen’s take on a chronograph, celebrating the Danish tradition of Science for Humanity, which aims to create positive change for humankind, thus working towards a greener future. Denmark is a global pioneer in green technology advancements, driving change and inspiring nations across the globe to do the same.

The Pioneer’s makeup is striking in its simplistic design. Its rounded and softened edges give it a sophisticated take on a classic timepiece. Combined, the sub-dials, the stainless steel case, and the domed sapphire crystal embody the resilience of Danish innovation.

The minimalist, clean dial is synonymous with the sustainable environment that many strive to live in. The Chronograph second and minute hand indicated by the red tips are representative of those found on wind-turbines, reminding us of the bond between Nordgreen and the sustainable outlook of its homeland.

nordgreen the pioneer

The Philosopher

The Philosopher is a tribute to humanity’s ability to learn from the past, act in the now and continuously strive for progressive thought.

The Philosopher’s conically shaped case is broader at its base as it rests
elevated on its lugs. This impressive design draws the eyes center into a two-piece dial, which is remnant of times most captivating moments.

The Philosopher’s asymmetrical second hand appears to slice continuously through time, as a statement of resilience over any challenge.

nordgreen the pioneer

nordgreen the infinity The Infinity

The Infinity watch embodies pure Scandinavian minimalism. The Infinity has been completely stripped back to its essentials, resulting in a designer watch that can be worn for all occasions. Jakob’s inspiration
for the Infinity is nature. He wanted to connect the Infinity with the evolution of nature, removing the complexities of our modern life.

The deep curvature of the bowl-shaped watch dial reminds us of infinite time and space, affirmed by the extended hourly marks that glide up to the edge of the dial as if reaching into endless possibilities.

The lugs, the date, and the fine detail of the hourly marks have all been removed to bring you a raw and simplistic timepiece that naturally suits any style.

nordgreen the infinity


The Native

The Native is a timeless design meant to reinforce the relationship between the timepiece, the user and the enduring aesthetics of its vibrant capital, Copenhagen. Designed against the balanced image of the city, this timepiece is stative of a work-life balance, a balance for sustainability, and a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Up close, the Native’s design reveals a rounded appearance from the hour and minute hands, hour marks, watch case, to the lugs all highlighted by a clean dial. The transparent minute marks appear under direct light but are otherwise less evident because, in Copenhagen, Danes don’t count the minutes; they enjoy the moment.

nordgreen the native