Paule Ka Resort 2014 (23)

PARIS, Jun 14, 2013/ — With the mantra, “Let’s escape the early chills, jet off down south, cast off the north, Wherever I choose, we’ll go; wherever you please, I’ll lead you. Join me for the ride!” Paula Ka launches the label’s Resort 2014 collection with city escapes in mind.

First, there is ROTTERDAM – where a night at the casino, blackjack; a white dress, a play on fabrics, stretch wool cady and woven raffia, patent pumps. No faux pas whatsoever. She moves on.

Then, there is NEW YORK – At American Girl Place, she appears so youthful and girlish; a white poplin dress, bare shoulders, flounce and bounce, a three-quarter-length demin jacket. Such a girls’ girl!

She moves on to SAO PAULO – A concert at the Sala São Paulo, the sound of the piano, time comes to a standstill; a short dress in white raffia lace, a full-grain leather jacket. Black key, white key. She moves on.

Next stop is DUBAI – Souks, dusk, shadows and light; a black ensemble, with a ruched skirt in woven raffia, a neoprene jacket, a knitted top. The euphoria of the desert. She moves on.

And then NANJING – At the Presidential Palace, the tang of incense and weathered wood is all around; a clean-cut little black dress in double-lined wool. Promises kept, she moves on.

We see her at SINGAPORE – In the National Orchid Garden, lethal lightheartedness; a white pant in cotton gabardine, a cropped jacket in white raffia lace. Confident elegance. She moves on.

The paparazzi spot her in KYOTO – At the airport, a few final memories; a grey pant in fine stretch wool, a two-tone double-lined wool jacket, belted from behind.

Enthralled but a little frazzled, she heads home. In PARIS… or in 50 other countries across the world

Light construction, fluid softness, play on fabrics: raffia lace and linen, leather and transparency, piqué cotton and netting, down to denim and neoprene. The touch of textures: crumpled, spangled, silken; crisp poplin and sensual crepe. An earthy colour palette: clay, chalk, granite, grege. Powder tones, red-orange, poppy, black and white. Not forgetting the House classics, revisited for 2014 with all the calm elegance of flawless femininity.

A journey brought to life by Serge Cajfinger