Pedro Garcia F15 (14)Byzantine blitz. This season, Pedro García’s vacchetta – mixing ornamental inspiration from the Eastern Roman Empire, the take-no-prisoners attitude of a medieval Wonder Woman and the purity of more essential lines – is represented by a sandal, an ankle boot and a bag. Radical and awe-inspiring.

With a spike heel, the sandal clasps the ankle firmly in a wide cuff, fastened by two buckles and decorated with three sizes of metallic sphere, forming a cross. Powerful.

The version in natural chamois with gilt copper-colored spheres recalls the refinement of Byzantine jewelry, while the black version with nickel-colored spheres represents its other face, the dark side of power.

The ankle boot is ornamented with a detachable “saddle”, which gives the style a double identity. Contrasting with the decoration of the shoes, the new bucket bag, also in chamois and black, is pure linearity. A simple, clean bag with two handles, almost a capacious basket, designed specifically for the material in which it is made, and a perfect match for the sandal. Clean & Byzantine!

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