FW15 READY TO FISHNEW YORK, Feb 20, 2015/ — With the collection’s title as “Compendium”, it’s not surprising that the Ready to Fish Fall 2015 collection that Ilja commented on the press notes that she “aspired to create a collection that summarizes what she feels is the essence of the brand.”

The press notes say:

“Un-related to any specific theme or inspiration, we started with a blank canvas to present a collection that reads like a sketchbook, and a compendium of the Ready to Fish style. It was important for us to capture the sketch-like quality of the unfinished, leaving room for both our own as the customers imagination and interpretation.”

“As a metaphor for this collation of ideas, we made use of classic marble prints, adorning sketchbooks and archive folders that will prove instantly recognizable to everyone. The collection also emphasizes the idea that many archetypes that inspired us belong to the public domain, and that the use of codes, references verses our own interpretations and developments are at constant play throughout the design process.”

Photos courtesy of Ready to Fish