Reduce Damage To Your Hair With The Easy To Achieve Styles


hairWhen caring for your hair, it is much more than just nourishing your hair with a brand-new shampoo and conditioner as everyday styling could be causing more damage to your hair after showering.

Whether this is blow drying daily or brushing excessively, this can all damage the hair and increase the risk of hair loss over a prolonged period.

Though there are affordable procedures to combat hair loss such as the hair transplant cost Istanbul and a number of other clinics in the UK, the way we care for our hair during our everyday routine could be the difference between luscious locks and limp and lifeless hair with split ends. In this article, we will be giving you a list of hairstyles to help you reduce damage and still look great every single day.

Half Up Half Down

One of the easiest hairstyles to achieve that not damaging to your hair is the half up half down look. Whether this is in a bun or a ponytail, this hairstyle helps to keep your fringe out of your eyes and away from your neck making it perfect for beating the summer heat. In addition to this, you can add accessories such as hair clips or a flower crown to keep your fringe away from your face, making it the perfect practical style for the workplace as well as a busy day of running errands at home.

Twisted Ponytail

One of the worst hairstyles for your hair is the traditional ponytail as the hair is put under tremendous stress when wrapped tightly in a hairband. However, there are alterations that can be made to this traditional-style to lessen the damage caused. By securing the hair in place with a twist and some bobby pins you are then removing the hairband, helping to reduce split ends and prevent breakages in the long term. Though this is a style that can take time to get right, this is the perfect go-to for any occasion allowing you to get out of the door as quickly as possible.

Twisted Braids

Another traditional hairstyle with a modern twist is the twisted braid. This gives you the same sleek effect of a traditional braid without causing to much stress to the strands. This particular hairstyle is so simple to achieve you can be ready for a night out in just a few minutes with the appearance of hours of styling. This is a hairstyle that is brilliant for all hair types and can be worn to work, school or even a formal event for the perfect elegant look for any occasion.

Milkmaid Braid

The final hairstyle that is worth an honourable mention is the Milkmaid Braid. This traditional hairstyle dates back hundreds of years. Whether this is slicked back roots or an undone milkmaid braid, this is the perfect summer style to get your hair up without causing damage. This can be achieved by simply paring your hair and forming to separate braids. These are then pinned above your head to create the halo. This is perfect for those looking for an elegant look with very minimal effort.
Regardless of whether you are looking to rescue your damaged hair or learn new ways of styling your hair for every occasion, the above styles will help you to care for your hair whilst looking great every single day. Which will you be trying first?