Rochas Pre-Fall 2018: A Time Of Impeccable Elegance

Vertical silhouettes, a single colour, an institutional attitude.

Portraits of a lady, in the cross-light, like those immortalised on the ‘70s covers of Vogue Paris by such great photographers as Guy Bourdin, Hans Feurer and Helmut Newton.

The Rochas Pre-Fall collection celebrates a time of impeccable elegance, infusing all the freshness, the lightness and, why not, the contradictions of new generations.

Psychedelic patterns jump off the walls and onto jacquard fabrics, catching the light in multi-coloured sequins. Their luminosity contrasts with the autumnal greens and browns of Oxfordshire, featuring a profusion of checked patterns and hunting inspiration.

The Rochas spirit is back in the essential preciousness of the raw materials: brocades, reversible cashmere, silk duchesse, velvet with ruffles and bows. A symphony of luxury, as if played by a chamber orchestra, focusing on understated little details.

Day and night are intentionally blended, even in the same look, while a slender tuxedo becomes today’s cocktail dress. Short sheepskin is treated like fabric, warm and enveloping with all softness of fine cashmere.

The aesthetic silhouette is punctuated with accessories: from snakeskin print boots to velvet pumps with ribbons and flowers, to slippers made of sheepskin or studded with colourful gems. All worn with chic, severe monochrome looks.

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