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Fashion Paris Runway Show

Kenzo Spring 2010: Golden Sand

PARIS, Oct 7, 2009 / FW/ — With Sahara as his theme, Kenzo Creative Director Antonio Marras wrote on his press notes, “I describe my Sahara, I have never been there, and like Jules Verne, I imagine and invent it.” Imagining a woman adventurer, probably modeled after part English-part Italian …
Fashion Runway Show

Lutz Spring 2010: Getting Sartorial

PARIS, Oct 2, 2009 (Updated Nov 29, 2009 for photos) / FW/ — Folding, draping and an innovative way to use eye hooks and snaps, Lutz continues to remain true to his ‘alternative’ fashion roots while gaining a mainstream following. It was 8 years ago when FashionWindows first attended a …