Saunder S15 (5)NEW YORK, Sep 14, 2014/ — Inspired by the song “Iron Butterfly” by Inna Gadda Davila, designer Emily Saunders explored the concept of a rock n roll Garden of Eden for the Saunder Spring 2015 collection.

With bright florals, prescription pills and deconstructed snake prints, Saunders brought into the collection the heavy metal era which began in 1968, the same year that the song “Iron Butterfly” was released.

Minis and maxis found their way into the collection. Embracing the “tiny waist” trend this season, Saunders added peplum in blouses or layered the skirts for volume.

Spring 2015 also marks Emily Saunders collaboration with accessories designer Megan Isaacs. For the new collection, Rock ‘n Roll Garden of Eden, Megan Isaacs created necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and ear cuffs, incorporating a mix of snakes, flowers, pills, and chains, creating pieces that are fresh, fun, witty, and 100% rock ‘n roll.

Photos courtesy of Saunder