Snowboard Fashion: How to Look Great While on the Slopes


Whether you’re new to snowboarding or have been doing it for years, it’s easy to get caught up with buying the latest board. However, the biggest thing that will make or break your experience are the clothes you wear on your back.

Remember that there’s nothing sexy about looking like a White Walker. The clothes you wear need to be warm, protective, and comfortable. After that, you can worry about being fashionable. 

Luckily, there’s a way to balance all of those things. 

Keep reading for a snowboard fashion guide that will help you stay warm, stylish, and safe. 

Prioritize Layers

The key to having fun while flying down slopes is to stay warm, and the key to that is to wear layers. By having a solid base that you build off of, you’ll be able to handle all of the elements. 

Your layers should protect you from both the cold and the wind. It should also be absorbent, able to withstand rain and snow from the outside and sweat on the inside.

This level of protection and comfort comes in the form of wearing three different layers of clothing. Remember that on warmer days you can shed some of these off, while on colder days you can add a few more. 

The Base Layer

Your base layer is the layer that touches your skin. It includes your underwear, the long underwear that goes on top, and a long-sleeved shirt. These articles of clothing should absorb any sweat you produce to prevent yourself from getting cold once it evaporates.

For the most part, any form of athletic clothing will work fine as a base layer. You don’t need to worry about choosing snowboard specific clothing, although wool or synthetic materials often work best. Cotton doesn’t hold up well to moisture, so its best to avoid it.

Don’t worry if the clothing isn’t very thick or warm; your base layer just needs to be comfortable and absorbent. 

The Mid-Layer

On top of your base layer is your mid-layer. This layer serves to insulate you, protecting you from the blistering cold coming from the slopes around you. 

As insulation is the goal, don’t worry about whether or not your mid-layer is waterproof. As long as it traps air and helps you stay warm, you’ll be good to go. Synthetic and puffy jackets work as great mid-layers, as do fleeces and sweaters.

Your mid-layer is one of the most adjustable parts of your outfit for snowboarding. If you find yourself cold, throw on an extra sweater. If you’re sweating like no tomorrow, wear a lighter jacket next time. 

The Outer Layer

The final layer in your outfit for snowboarding is the outer layer. Also known as the shell, it’s job is to be both breathable and waterproof. As many shells come from expensive materials, they’re often quite expensive. 

Snowboard pants and jackets keep both outside moisture and wind from ruining your experience. Expensive and high-quality jackets will also “breathe”, releasing moisture from your body while preventing water and wind from the outside get in.

As this is the most visible layer, it’s also the one that you can make fashionable. Choose a style that you like, but make sure it’s a practical choice, as well. 

Bring the Warmest Socks

Aside from those three main layers, you’ll also have to come equipped with some other essentials. One of those is the right pair of socks.

Aside from finding a pair that will keep your feet warm, you’ll also want them to help you stay dry. Nothing is worse than having wet feet while snowboarding, so make sure they are both insulating and absorbent. 

Most snowboarding socks are thinner and offer both warmth and moisture-wicking material. You can use other, non-snowboarding socks as well, but they might not strike as good of a balance when it comes to the qualities you need. 

Rock a Helmet and Goggles

It might not be your idea of fashion, but safety is sexy, which means that there’s nothing sexier than bringing along a helmet and goggles.

You might be a snowboarding pro, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t crash. Accidents happen when you least expect them, and by wearing a helmet, you’ll help keep the most delicate part of your body safe.

Goggles are also a must-have. Not only do they keep the wind out of your eyes as you fly down hills and mountains, but they also help you spot and avoid obstacles. 

Don’t Forget Gloves or Mittens

One of the last articles of clothing you’ll need to complete your snow outfit is the right pair of gloves or mittens. While both keep your hands warm to some degree, they come with pros and cons that you’ll need to consider.

Mittens offer the most warmth, but they come at the cost of dexterity. You won’t have to worry about cold hands, but you will have to worry about being unable to pull out your phone, lace up a boot, or zip up your jacket.

Gloves do the opposite: they aren’t as warm as mittens but provide you with much more mobility. You can also investigate hybrid models that give you the advantages of both. 

Stay Safe and Chic With the Right Snowboard Fashion

Just because you’re flying down mountains and avoiding obstacles doesn’t mean you can’t look good while doing so. Snowboard fashion strikes a balance between comfort, style, warmth, and safety. By following the tips mentioned in this guide, you’ll cover all of those bases!

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