It’s rare that we see something new and exciting when it comes to fashion advertising, but Stella McCartney’s Spring 2019 campaign is breaking new ground. Shot by Johnny Dufort and starring Kaia Gerber and Kate Moss, the striking images have a circular— sometimes kaleidoscopic — format. But there’s a deeper meaning to the format.

The images are circularly cropped in order to represent McCartney’s support and desire for a more circular economy and a more sustainable fashion industry, which she has been promoting for years. The designer’s recent collection was made of 60 percent sustainable materials, including organic denim, organic cotton, recycled nylon and sustainable viscose.

McCartney also revealed to Vogue that the models represent the “Stella McCartney woman of today” (Kate Moss, who has starred in seven SM campaigns) and the “Stella McCartney woman of tomorrow” (Kaia Gerber, who is new to the brand). “For this season, I wanted to capture the wonder of women: the circle of life and the love of learning from those that inspire and came before us and are in the now. We represent women of any age,” she said.

In addition to the print ads, a fashion film to commemorate the collection will be released on the brand’s website and social media platforms later this month.

Images Courtesy Of: Stella McCartney