stone island
Courtesy Of Stone Isand

An integral part lying at the heart of Stone Island has since its beginnings been their revolutionary garment dye techniques. Done completely in-house, the dye processes at Stone Island lets them create all the colors known in nature and beyond. Continuing on from the fluorescent trend of last season, Stone Island now presents a whole range dedicated to a vibrant fluorescent orange colorway. Consisting of their stable David jacket design, both in hooded and bomber star-shaped Japanese polyester/polyamide substrate, dyed through special high-temperature procedures, with the addition of an anti-drop agent.

A Light Soft Shell-R hooded blouson in a 3 ply performance material. The jersey-look outer face is laminated to a breathable, water and wind resistant inner membrane. A hood and cardigan knit in polyester yarn, with mesh stitch and machine knit, integrated with seamless stockinette parts. And finally a range of three graphic tees with Stone Island graphics on the front.

Courtesy Of Stone Island

The complete range is available now via the Stone Island site and their flagship stores worldwide.