Bondi_Beach_Sydney_AustraliaSummer is on its way — well, in Australia, that is. Located in the Southern Hemisphere, the island nation’s summer comes around when those in the Northern Hemisphere are in pullovers and wool hats. This is why now is a prime time for Australians to start looking into the new season summer dresses.

Online catalogs like A Twist of Bliss can help shoppers determine what works for them. These sites provide detailed descriptions and photos of the dresses sold. In addition, they come in many varieties, from everyday casual wear to those worn with bathing suits and formal garb for attending gatherings during warm evenings.

Sites like A Twist of Bliss also contain accessories to go along with these dresses like jewelry and the right shoes needed for the selected dress. Gift Certificates may be available for others to provide an opportunity to a special female to purchase the summer dresses of their dreams.