gaspard sarteJust in time for the holiday gift giving season, Gaspard Sartre unveils its versatile unisex watch collection that you can personalize for yourself and your significant other.

With two sizes to choose from – 36 or 42 millimetre diameter casing, the Gaspard Sartre watches are available in stainless steel or the ion-plated versions in black, gold or pink. All possible combinations are available to you with the Gaspard Sartre bracelets.

With tech companies like Apple and Microsoft turning their attention to the highly competitive watch market, it is good to remember that time should not be a gadget. That going Old World, when you actually have a timepiece to tell time is elegant and quite frankly speaks volume about style.

With Gaspard Sarte, you have two choices. You can create a lasting impression at the ballpark while cheering for your favorite team with the casual Nato-strap.

Originally made for NATO troops, the Nato-strap did not get its name from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Interestingly enough, the term “NATO strap” came into use as a shortened version of NATO Stocking Number (NSN).

Wherever the term came from, the use of these straps in military watches became very popular that civilian watch manufacturers added it to their offering. Still, no matter how iconic the Nato strap is, it is not formal enough for certain occasions.

For that holiday party or ballet opening, leather straps are more appropriate. Exuding understated elegance, the leather straps offered by Gaspard Sartre is proper to what a well-dressed gentleman will wear

In fact, with so many straps to choose from the Gaspard Sartre collection, you can reinvent your style daily. You can even match your watch with your purse, your shoes or the clothes you’re wearing. The possibilities are limitless and it is only up to your imagination.