hanky pankyThere’s a wonderful new revolution that’s taking-over the minds and sensibilities of modern moms. It’s the realization that just because there are children in the house, and stress levels are at maximum overload, it doesn’t mean that a woman has to put a damper on her fashion. This includes undergarments that convey sexiness and youthful appeal.

Women who spend the majority of their life’s energy caring for the home, sometime fall into the trap of believing a future that only includes bad hair and granny-panties is their fate. Not true! Certain panty lines like Hanky Panky Underwear give stay-at-home moms, and working moms alike, the opportunity to preserve the feeling of attractiveness. These undergarments are available in classic feminine cuts, are not too over-the-top, and are strikingly attractive.

The Mommy/Panty Balance

The clubbing days are past, but the inner party girl still resides in a body that is now busy with the responsibilities of raising a family. Some days are filled with the desire to wear something risque’, and others are more robe-appropriate. With the right style and composition, any woman can find the perfect underwear line that satisfies her mood.

The secret is combining comfort with style. Many womens underwear lines fall into limiting categories. Either a life wearing size 0 skinny jeans, or the slow descent to a mu-mu seems to pervade underwear choices. This doesn’t have to be the case for any mom.

The Perfect Underwear For Personal Hanky Panky Dreams

Moms now have ideal underwear that bridges the gap between tired, and driven. Whether it’s a thong, a French-cut bikini, or cute boyshorts, focus on color, materials, and line. Tall, lacy waistbands accentuate all sizes and hip contours. Soft panels in front and in back add shape and allure. Solid poppy colors like bright yellow, rose red, passionate pink, and brazen blue are never boring, and rather exciting for a partner. The idea with these types of underwear is making it easy to find the perfect style and color that helps a mom feel sexy and confident no matter what kind of a day it turns out to be.

More often than not, it’s a mental attitude that convinces a mom she can no longer wear underwear that makes her looks attractive, and dampens her positive outlook. It only takes a few days wearing the most comfortable, body-complimenting underwear line to convince her that dressing sexy is still worth-it, and completely within her power.