men dress shoesWhile women may rule the fashion sphere, men still have an active passion for fashion – especially when it comes to their shoes. For men, having the right footwear for every occasion can help take the outfits they wear every day – as well as the ones they wear way too often – to the next level of style. With that in mind, check out this list of essential shoes that every guy should own.

Dress Shoes

Wingtips or longwings in a neutral color like black or brown can serve most business needs. Guys can also wear them with jeans and a button down or tee-shirt and blazer combo to dress up a casual outfit and make it look pulled together.


Oxfords are a more conservative business shoe. Save these for special occasions like job interviews or meetings with particularly stuffy clients or business partners. If your significant other only buys one pair, make sure that it’s in black, a color that is easier to take from day appointments to evening dinner meetings.


Less dressy than dress shoes but still office-ready, loafers are a great shoe for anyone who has ever had to struggle with what to wear on Casual Friday or to a workplace with a fairly permissive dress code. They’re also great shoes for outside of work, since they can be worn with jeans, shorts, slacks and just about anything else.

Casual Boots

Weather made of smooth patent leather for soft textured leather, casual boots are winter’s answer to the loafer. Like loafers, they can easily go from a more laid-back work environment to a social event where you have to be dressed to impress.

Outdoor Boots

sneakersOutdoor boots are designed to serve specific functions, so the exact pair you buy ought to reflect what you plan to do with them. Does your man spend a lot of time in the great outdoors? Then invest a pair of all-season hiking boots. What if you spend your weekends working on your home or car? Then steel-toed work boots will allow you to do so comfortably.


A decent pair of men’s running shoes or street tennis shoes aren’t just essentials for the under-18 set. Guys need a pair of these comfortable and convenient shoes for running errands and other events that call for comfort and ease of wear.

So here you have it. If your significant other is still missing one of these essentials, consider it a possible birthday or celebration gift. Trust me, he’ll appreciate your awareness of his fashion needs!