NEW YORK, NY November 12, 2018

Japanese brand Uniqlo isn’t just known for its basic pieces that can match anything in your closet, but also for their collaborations with institutions (MoMA) and artists (Kaws). As revealed by the brand last October, they have tapped fashion designer Alexander Wang to collaborate with them on a collection that uses the brand’s Heattech technology.

Uniqlo and Alexander Wang, Women Heattech Extra Warm Long-Sleeve Bodysuit in Black, $39.90 at Uniqlo

Heattech fabrics are crafted and contoured with special techniques to enhance the body with style, warmth, and ease. The collection is to be worn underneath your clothes or as a standalone piece. The collaboration released a video of real reactions to the pieces with some comments being “warm”, “comfort”, “really light” and “thin, but warm.”

“We thought this could be a great concept where we think about how to marry the two ideas: Heattech and underwear,” says Wang to Vogue. “Heattech is a program created out of innovation, function, and utility. It’s something that I’ve always been very inspired by, by the advancement and innovation in fabrication. I wanted to think about it in a way where even if it wasn’t just worn on the inside — if you wore it as a top as something to lounge around in — you feel like there’s a style, an aesthetic that could stand on its own.”

Uniqlo and Alexander Wang, Women Heattech Ribbed Sleeveless Top in Yellow, $29.90 at UNIQLO
Uniqlo and Alexander Wang, Women Heattech Ribbed Crew Neck T-Shirt in Brown, $19.90 at UNIQLO

Uniqlo and Alexander Wang collection is for men and women and features underwear, bodysuits, long-sleeve t-shirts, sleeveless tops and leggings. The color of the pieces stay with the classics of black, beige, white and gray, with standout pieces being in neon green. The best part: Nothing is over $40, with some pieces ringing in at just $9.90.

You can snap up the Uniqlo and Alexander Wang collection in stores and online.

Photos Courtesy Of: UNIQLO