purple bootsEvery girl needs a go-to pair of leather boots, but sometimes, the boring, plain leather styles just are not up to par with a woman’s fashion needs. Exotic skin boots made with real skins or as leather printed with a wild pattern are just what you need to compliment you wardrobe and make a statement.

Common and Uncommon Skin Patterns

Real skin patterns are typically more expensive, but people often feel the price is worth it for authenticity and quality. That being said, there are plenty of leather boots available with excellent stamped patterns. Some of the favorite skins in the fashion community are:

  • Alligator
  • Crocodile
  • Snake
  • Ostrich

Another option that is often more affordable, is faux skin. When purchasing faux skin boots it is important to choose footwear that is still made with attention to quality and detail, and, preferably, made of a material that will last.

Outfit Suggestions

The brilliant thing about boots is that they are great for more than one type of style and are able to set off other accessories, bringing a look together. Some of the outfits to accessorize with great boots include:

  • Western wear

Of course, one of the easiest outfits to pull off with alligator or snakeskin footwear is the traditional western look. However, do not think only about wearing a plain Stetson and a denim shirt—feel free to branch out with wild colors, designs, and of course, plenty of bling. Weather people consider themselves to be a real cowgirl or not doesn’t matter when accessorizing with a shabby-chic cowboy hat and studded leather belt.

  •  Semi-formal with dress or skirt

Although some people may not consider wearing something dressy with bold exotic skins, it is the perfect combination of soft and fierce. A floaty sun dress in made from floral pattern or lace is balanced by the wilds boots for a flirty look. Wear a thin belt and plenty of bangles, or go for a big statement necklace.

  • With jeans or shorts

Cowboy boots and jeans go together like bacon and eggs, and exotic patterns are no exception. Skinny jeans that fit inside the boot are ideal so that the wearer can show off her style, but any length oh shorts will also look well. Wearing exotic skin boots is a great alternative to the everyday foot fare of sneakers, flip-flops, and sandals. Mix things up and be totally fashion forward by wearing boots, shorts and a tank or T-shirt.

Shop Online for the Best Deals, Styles, and Prices

To begin looking for the next addition to a collection of shoes, start online. Do not pass over the exotic skins because they might be too bold. They are just as versatile and great looking as traditional leather.

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