When you wear your watch, do you ever think about matching the strap of your watch to the rest of your outfit? We’d hazard a guess that the answer is most likely no. However, the last thing you want is to be at a black-tie event, raise your hand to wave at someone, and then the lackluster rubber strap of your watch is on display for all to see.  

Whether it’s an Apple, an analog, or a digital watch, there are some watch fashion tips you should follow to ensure your outfit is tied together and looking sophisticated. Your watch should be treated with the same level of importance you give other accessories, like a belt, necklace, or tie. 

Read on to learn more about watch fashion and how to style an outfit with your watch strap in mind. 

Keep the Formality of Your Outfit in Mind

In order to understand how to make sure the formality of your watch is equal to that of your outfit, you will need to understand the different types of watches. Watches fall into two broad categories: analog and digital. Digital can encompass both digital numbers and smartwatches.

Digital watches usually come equipped with a rubber or plastic strap. While these types of watches with an LCD display or LED face are usually used when tracking fitness goals, they can be sometimes worn to formal events.

Even if you are wearing an Apple watch, you don’t have to stick with the plastic band it comes with. Explore higher-end watch straps, such as a Louis Vuitton Apple watch band, which would pair nicely at a formal event.  

Analog watches are a classic look that pairs well with more formal outfits that are worn at business events. More traditional timepieces work well for formalwear as they are versatile. The more understated the watch, the better as you don’t want all the focus to be on your wrist. 

How to Match a Watch to a Wardrobe 

If you have a solid watch wardrobe, that means you have a watch for three different types of occasions: work, weekend wear, and formal. A classic dress watch is perfect for wearing during the week to work and whatever errands you need to run. 

Stainless steel straps are perfect for women’s watches and extremely versatile for everyday wear. You should pair the metal on your watch with other metals that appear in your accessories. If you have gold clasps on your shoulder bag, wear a watch with a gold strap and tie in your other jewelry as well. 

No matter if you’re male or female, having an adaptable watch that goes with many different occasions is ideal for your day to day watch. The minimalist look goes along with understated watches. 

Your weekend or the sporty watch can have a bit more personality. Sports watches tend to track more movements and have more stats built-in, so it’s not something you’d wear to a formal event or when you’re going into the office. 

Ladies’ watches usually tend to be a bit smaller than men’s watches, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear a men’s watch if you’re female. Wearing a classically men’s watch can create a more professional and assertive look, making a statement on a lady’s wrist. 

Your formal or statement watch doesn’t have to be over the top and gaudy. You can spend a little bit more money here if your budget allows getting a high-quality watch. 

Watch Fashion for 2021

Retro designs continue to be ever-present in watches. Watchmakers are taking even more risks with their designs and creating fun patterns on the straps and watch faces. 

More colors are starting to appear on traditional analog watch faces. You can select a watch with a stainless steel strap but has a burgundy or green watch face. Even the dials are getting a makeover with them appearing in different colors, other than the metal that matches the watch strap. 

Watches are starting to be even more affordable than ever. Just because a watch is affordable doesn’t mean it will lack in style or sophistication. 

Watch Care Tips

Taking care of your watch is important to ensure it stays functioning properly, especially if it’s a watch that you’ve inherited from someone. You don’t have to take it into a watch shop in order to have it cleaned and running smoothly 

You can wipe the watch down with a soft cloth to keep the strap clean and dirt out of the cracks and crevasses. Every couple of months, you should perform a deep clean on your watch. Remove the strap from the watch face and soak it in a dish of warm water and dish soap for a few minutes. If it is really dirty, soak it for longer. 

Another important aspect of watch care is winding your watch. If you don’t wind it regularly, it can cause the watch to malfunction. Wearing your watch on a regular basis will actually keep it in better shape than having it in a jewelry box all of the time. 

If you do need to store it, keep it in the original box in a temperature-controlled and dry place. Any malfunction that occurs that would require you to open up the back of the watch, always take it to a professional before attempting to open it yourself. 

Show off Your Style With These Watch Fashion Tips

Watches are one of the few fashion accessories that not only complete your outfit but have a practical function as well. A watch shouldn’t be chosen at random when selecting your look for the day or evening. Having several options of watches will help you create an outfit that is perfect for everyday wear or something a bit more formal. 

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