Stacking autumnA ring can be a lovely accessory, adding a touch of detail to your outfits and helping make your hands look pretty and feminine – especially when combined with a great manicure! Some people have rings they always wear, whether they are family heirlooms or, of course, things like engagement and wedding rings, however those who don’t can enjoy wearing fashion rings that can fit with the season, their outfits, or the occasion, and these can be really fun to shop for.

Spring 2016 Ring Trends

If you want a gorgeous ring that fits beautifully with the fashions for spring and summer of 2016, then there are some great pieces on the market from all of the best accessory brands, like Trollbeads, who are best known for their customizable bead bracelets but also have a fantastic selection of attractive rings for this season. One of the biggest trends you will see if you look at their current line, along with those of other popular designers, is nature inspired designs. Here, we look at why natural designs are so in for rings right now:

A Movement Away from Chunky, Modernist Pieces

2016’s fashion, including the color schemes used in clothing and interior design, is all inspired by nature. Where earlier in the decade there was a fondness for geometric shapes, and bright, unnatural colors, this has started to feel a little dated, and in the last couple of years things like woodland themes have become popular, and where bright colors are used they are drawn more from things like flowers and gemstones than acid, neon brights. The same change of direction can be seen in jewelry, where those chunky silver pieces and big, block shapes have made way for more delicate and ornate designs inspired by things like feathers, leaves and petals.

Pretty and Whimsical

The movement towards nature inspired looks that is currently going on in fashion should not be confused with the more 90’s movement towards ‘Earth’ tones and textures. Instead, the inspiration seems to be more nature with a hint of magic, like a beautiful rainforest or a seemingly enchanted woodland. This is not a trend based on keeping things neutral and simple, then, but one on using the sometimes ornate and elaborate designs found in nature in a way that is pretty and evocative of mysterious, wonderful things. Rings featuring designs inspired by quite flamboyant things like frogs and butterflies then, are as at home in this trend as delicate floral designs or rings that use natural materials like raw gems or pearls.

Finding gorgeous rings to wear for this season that may well become lasting favorites is easy thanks to the wide range of beautiful fashion rings from Trollbeads. Rings are available to suit all budgets and many are available in slightly magical, evocative natural designs. Wear them with everything from floaty summer dresses to your smartest work clothes to add a touch of magic and femininity on your fingers, and, if you really love this season’s rings, even try stacking them for a cool bohemian look!