When you’re filling up your gym back, you may think you have everything. However, it’s likely that you’re missing a few key essential items. Here are some things that you need for working out and athletic activities that you may still need to get.

Men’s Leggings

Wearing mens workout leggings can offer an added layer of protection, or you can wear them on their own. If you’ve done a lot of leg work and you want to show off in style, you need some form-fitting legwear. When you get a pair specifically designed for being active, you don’t have to worry about showing off anything that needs to stay concealed.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

A stainless steel water bottle is far superior to plain plastic. Although it’s a little bit heavier, it’s well worth the extra weight. Double-walled stainless steel drink containers will keep your drink cold all day, providing you with a far better way to quench your thirst when you’re working out.

Armband for Your Phone

Don’t keep your phone in your pockets when you’re running or working out; that’s an accident waiting to happen. Get an armband to hold your phone that’s specifically designed to keep your it secure while giving you an extra free hand to use it.

Antibacterial Wipes

If you’re using workout equipment in a gym, it’s probably a good idea to wipe it down first. Most gyms will not be thoroughly cleaning their equipment every day. You don’t want your hands coated in the sweat and germs of whoever was using it last. Bringing a pack or canister of antibacterial wipes with you to the gym bag can help you stay sanitary when you’re working out.

Weightlifting Gloves

Most people who do some light lifting when they go to the gym don’t consider the importance of gloves. Weightlifting gloves can significantly improve your grip, increase your lifting capability, and reduce the risk of an injury or accident.

Post-Workout Supplement

Everyone thinks about fueling their workout beforehand, but it’s easy to overlook how you’re going to fuel your post-workout recovery. Adding a post-workout supplement to your gym back can help you enhance your muscle recovery and quickly rebalance your body’s electrolytes.

Everyone’s workout routine is unique, but some essentials are universal. Being well-prepared for your workout can help incentivize you to stick with your routine and make you feel more confident about reaching your goals.

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