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Making a Statement: What Your Clothes Say About You - FashionWindows

Nearly 85% of participants in a study perceived people as more competent when dressed in more stylish clothes. The study compared them to others wearing “poor” clothes.

Stylish and preppy clothes give off a much different vibe to others when compared to more casual or even sloppy clothing.

Have you ever wondered what your clothing is saying about your personality to others?

Continue reading to discover what your clothes say about you so that you can display your personality and enjoy what you wear!

Bold and Edgy

If you are wondering what your clothes say about you, you likely don’t dress boldly.
Dressing with bold colors and designs can show your edgy side if you are daring enough to show it.

Fashion psychology has addressed that people who dress bold are likely more extroverted and friendly. They enjoy being around others and typically have as much energy as their outfit gives off.


Did you know that there are eco-friendly clothing brands?
Many companies are using recycled materials, like plastic and paper, to create statement pieces that support the earth. The best part about getting clothing from a sustainable company is that many donate money to local and global foundations. These small donations can add up and help improve our planet!

Dressing in eco-friendly clothing can allow you to display your love for nature and the people around you. It can also help inspire others to make changes in their lives.


Popped collars, blazers, and dresses are signature pieces to a preppy wardrobe.

Another staple that you might have if you have a preppy style, is made in America buttons. Buttons, scarves, and broaches are fun ways to dress up simple preppy clothing.

Most people perceive others who dress preppy to be studious, professional, and athletic.


A casual style often includes practical pieces of clothing that are fashionable and comfortable.

Sweaters, jeggings, and tennis shoes are common items found in a closet of a casual dresser. Casual dressers are often looked at as more down-to-earth. People tend to associate casual clothing with people they feel comfortable to be around, with no pressure.

People who dress casually can turn their outfits into unique combinations. There are many comfortable options for clothing online and in stores!


If you are in a high position at work, or just want to feel a sense of power and courage, you can dress the part.

Powerful clothing for women can consist of neat dresses, blazers, and suits. People won’t be able to resist following your orders when you look put-together and are preparing for the future.

If you dress in powerful clothing, others might view you as a leader or someone to look up to.

Do You Know What Your Clothes Say About You?

How many times have you walked down the street and connected with someone because of what they were wearing?

Learning what your clothes say about you can be eye-opening and a great way to notice others. Depending on what you wear, people will perceive you in a particular way.

If you are wanting to get noticed or feel powerful, you can simply change your outfit. The best part about clothes is that you can make a different statement every day.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about fashion and tips on how you can display your unique personality!

What Your Clothes Say About You