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Wearing Sports Jerseys: A Style Guide for Girls - FashionWindows

In recent years, many reports have revealed that women love watching sports and rooting for their favorite sports teams almost as much as men do these days. One of these reports found that almost 50% of the people who watch the Super Bowl each year are women.

But despite this, it can still be challenging for a lot of women who love sports to find sports apparel and, more specifically, sports jerseys geared towards them. It can make it difficult for them to throw on sports attire so that they can support their favorite team at sporting events.

Not to worry, though! If you’re a woman who is having a tough time tracking down sports jerseys that flatter your frame, there are things that you can do to look more stylish in them. Dressing sporty won’t be an issue at all when you take the right steps while putting together outfits featuring sports clothes.

Here is a style guide that should help all the women who want to wear sports jerseys and look fantastic while they’re doing it.

Start by Deciding Which Sports Jerseys You Want to Buy

First things first: If you’re going to begin wearing sports jerseys around on a regular basis, you’re going to have to add some sick sports jerseys to your closet. So you should kick things off by figuring out which sports jerseys you want to incorporate into your wardrobe.

Do you want to wear:

  • NFL jerseys?
  • NBA jerseys?
  • MLB jerseys?
  • NHL jerseys?

As you’ll quickly find out when you’re shopping for sports jerseys, each of these types of jerseys is very different. You’re going to want to take a different approach to styling each of them. It’s why you should think long and hard about which ones you would like to buy.

Visit to see some soccer (er, football!) jerseys that you might fall in love with from the start.

Purchase Sports Jerseys That Are the Correct Size

Regardless of which types of sports jerseys you’re interested in buying, you’re going to notice a common theme when you begin shopping for them. Almost all of them are going to be on the bigger side.

This is something that both men and women have to deal with when it comes to sports jerseys. Even when they buy them in their size, they’ll often find that they’re way bigger than they anticipated.

Generally speaking, it’s usually a good idea to try to shop for sports jerseys in stores versus doing it online. It’ll give you an opportunity to try sports jerseys on before buying them.

You might still struggle to find sports jerseys that are the correct size for you. But at the very least, you’ll be able to avoid buying any sports jerseys that you’ll be swimming in. You should be able to find a few sports jerseys that are in the right range for you based on your body type.

Make the Right Adjustments to Sports Jerseys

If you aren’t able to find sports jerseys that fit you like a glove, you’ll have the option of making slight adjustments to them to make them fit you better. Doing something as simple as tying sports jerseys in the back might make them fit you way better than they would otherwise.

If you want to take things to the extreme, there are some tailors out there who will be able to take sports jerseys from you and make the necessary adjustments to them. But it might not be worth doing this unless you’re planning on wearing these sports jerseys all the time.

You should be able to get away with making your own adjustments to sports jerseys at home to make them fit better.

Pay Close Attention to the Length of Sports Jerseys

Sports jerseys come in a bunch of different lengths. There will be some that will be super short and others that will practically go all the way down to your knees when you put them on. With this in mind, it’ll be super important for you to pay close attention to the length of your sports jerseys!

This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, though. You can actually use it to your advantage by playing around with how you choose to style sports jerseys that are different lengths.

For instance, if you have a sports jersey that looks like a crop top when you put it on, you might want to pair it with something like some high-waisted jeans. This will make both you and your sports jersey look fabulous.

Or if you have a sports jersey that pretty much goes down to your knees, you might want to forget wearing bottoms at all and use your jersey as a dress. You can wear a belt with it or go without a belt and wow those around you when they see you pulling off this look.

Keep Things on the Casual Side When Wearing Sports Jerseys

You’re probably not going to want to wear sports jerseys to church, important work meetings, or any other events that will require you to dress up. They’re not going to be appropriate for these kinds of occasions.

Instead, you should stick to wearing sports jerseys when you’re keeping things casual. Since you’re typically going to have on something like jeans, leggings, or, well, nothing else at all when wearing sports jerseys, you don’t want to wear them to any event that would normally call for you to dress up.

Add the Right Accessories to the Mix to Glam Up Sports Jerseys

Although you’re going to be keeping things casual for the most part while wearing sports jerseys, you can still add some glam to your look to make sure that you stand out in the crowd. There is absolutely nothing wrong with working the right accessories into the mix to complete an outfit that includes a sports jersey.

If you’re going to be putting on, say, an NFL jersey, you might also want to consider putting on some fancy bracelets and maybe a necklace or two. These types of accessories will take your look to the next level and show that you’re not just the average sports fan.

You might not want to get too carried away with accessories when you’re wearing sports jerseys. But the right accessories are going to make you look every bit as stylish as you want to be with sports jerseys on.

Consider Sticking Something Underneath of or Over Top of Sports Jerseys

Sports jerseys aren’t always the most comfortable articles of clothing. So if you wear them without putting on anything underneath of them, you might find that they’ll be very itchy.

You can get around this problem by sticking a shirt underneath a sports jersey. It’ll stop the jersey from coming into contact with your skin and prevent you from spending the whole day scratching your stomach, back, and chest in an attempt to get the itching to stop.

Sports jerseys also aren’t always the warmest articles of clothing. They tend to have lots of mesh pieces that will allow air to pass right through them. This might lead to you getting very cold in a sports jersey.

If you’re going to be outside while wearing sports jerseys, it’s always a good idea to throw something over top of them. This should keep you warm while still allowing you to show off your sports jersey by unzipping whatever you put on over it. 

Choose the Right Shoes to Go Along With Sports Jerseys

The great thing about wearing sports jerseys as a woman is that you won’t be restricted at all as far as your footwear is concerned. You can put on pretty much any shoes that you want with a sports jersey without them looking out of place.

Want to wear a pair of flip-flops with a sports jersey? Have at it!

At the same time, you can also rock a killer pair of heels with a sports jersey and look just as amazing. You won’t have any shortage of options when it comes to the shoes that you can wear with sports jerseys.

Most women stick with sneakers while they’re wearing sports jerseys. But don’t feel like you have to go in that direction if you don’t want to. You can wear whichever shoes you think will go best with the sports jerseys you put on.

Think About Wearing Sports Hats With Sports Jerseys

Not all women enjoy wearing sports hats, especially when they’re also wearing sports jerseys. It can make them look a little too casual at times and mess up their hair in the process.

But if you really want to show off your love for your favorite team, you can push your outfit over the top by pairing a sports jersey with a sports hat. There won’t be any confusion about which team you like the best then.

There are also tons of different types of sports hats that you can put on your head nowadays if you want to wear one with a sports jersey. Some of the best options will be:

  • A fitted hat
  • A snapback hat
  • A dad hat
  • A winter hat
  • A pom-pom hat

Wearing a hat with a sports jersey would be a really good idea if you’re going to be attending a sporting event that is being held outdoors. It’ll ensure that you look great while also keeping your head warm throughout the course of the day.

Prepare to Represent For Your Favorite Teams in Sports Jerseys

When you put on a sports jersey, you’re going to attract your fair share of attention. If you style your jersey in the right way, people are going to be blown away by how good you look and want to take your style in.

But this isn’t the only kind of attention that you’re going to get when you wear sports jerseys. You’re also going to have other sports fans who will be more likely to speak to you because you’re wearing jerseys.

You might have people who love the same teams that you do giving you high-fives and praising you for wearing sports jerseys. They might also want to get your take on a recent game that your favorite team played or a recent trade that your favorite team made. You should know what you want to say back to them.

You might also have people who don’t like the same teams as you trash-talking you at times. They might make a comment about the game that your team just lost or criticize your team for the trade that they just made.

You should try to take all of these different kinds of comments in stride and understand that it comes with the territory when you put sports jerseys on. You should also continue to represent your favorite teams to the fullest at all times (try doing some trash-talking of your own!) and show your pride for them at every turn.

You Can Have a Whole Lot of Fun Wearing Sports Jerseys

Unless you’re a diehard sports fan, you might not want to get into the habit of wearing sports jerseys every single day. But as you’ve seen here, there are so many fun things that you can do to style sports jerseys when you put them on.

You should take advantage of this by picking up at least a few new sports jerseys and wearing them out on the town. You’ll enjoy putting together outfits that feature sports jerseys, and you’ll appreciate all the love that you get when you do it.

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