Wearing a hoodie can be a political statement, a useful way to stay dry in the rain, or simply a great bit of casual sportswear. Yet knowing how to wear a hoodie and still look good is a complex art.

First and foremost, they’re casual and relaxed, which doesn’t often go hand in hand with style. With a little work though, you can make a hoodie look awesome.

In this guide, we’re going to give you some essential hoodie styling tips so you can look better and feel great. Read on and find out more!

Wear One With Layers

If you want to make a hoodie look awesome, knowing how to layer one with other clothes can help you a lot. While we’re used to throwing a hoodie on top of a t-shirt and leaving the house, adding a jacket on top can make you look a whole lot better.

Why not consider wearing a white hoodie with a black leather jacket for a contrasting look?

Hoodies also look fantastic with cotton jackets, like Barbour jackets or Harrington-style ones. Not only do these make you look better, but they also add a bit of extra warmth that can help on cold days.

We would recommend that you avoid wearing long coats with a hoodie, however, as these two styles do not tend to mesh.

Going Full Athleisure

Sweatshirts and hoodies have a long history as part of the athleisure look. This look emphasizes wearing sporty styles whether or not you’re at the gym.

If you want to give yourself a fit, sporty look, then we’d recommend wearing a hoodie with a pair of tracksuit pants and maybe some crisp white sneakers. Avoid anything that’s overly complicated, like accessories: stick with a solid basic look that sets you apart from others.

Part of a Streetwear Ensemble

Hoodies and streetwear go together like peanut butter and jelly. Styling a hoodie with other streetwear is easy and makes you look awesome.

We’d recommend wearing your hoodie with a color-matched puffer jacket and a pair of black jeans. Finish the look off with a pair of low-top sneakers, and consider adding some great streetwear accessories like a G-Shock watch or a chain.

Draw on hip-hop fashion and let your imagination run wild!

The Punk Look

We call this the punk look but it also draws from skate and emo culture. These subcultures have used hoodies for years and they’ve made them look great too.

Wear your hoodie with a pair of dark-colored ripped jeans and then finish the look off with a pair of heavy-duty boots like Doc Martens or Redwings. The more eyelets, the better!

How to Wear a Hoodie: Solved

We hope you feel a little more secure about how to wear a hoodie now. As we’ve shown, there are myriad ways to wear a hoodie and this simple bit of clothing can make you look awesome, instead of slobby, if you dress well!

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