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What are the Most Common Cologne Mistakes Made by Men? - FashionWindows

Not every man is used to wearing cologne. Over 60 percent in the US do not wear it regularly and prefer to use it only on special occasions. It often comes down to a lack of basic education around colognes filled with exotic-sounding names and foreign brands where it’s difficult to get a basic knowledge about them. Going into a department store to test out some colognes with sales staff literally breathing down your neck isn’t all that comfortable either – women seem to enjoy it, but men, not so much.

Here are a few of the most common cologne mistakes that men sadly make.

Not Picking What You Like First

Receiving an original perfume for men is a great gift, but it helps first to know what the man prefers first. Ideally, when they’re in their teens, they should go out and shop around for a cologne that they like. This may set the stage for their preferences throughout their adult life or just be the beginning of their scent adventure! However, when they do not take the time to sample different scents to know what’s suits them, then it becomes a very random, hit and miss affair that never ends well!

Not Wearing Any Cologne

Not wearing cologne is like a lost opportunity for men. The ones who don’t wear it do not realize this is the case, but it is. Men who put on a cologne that they enjoy wearing have a better sense of self which is more powerful. The cologne becomes part of their armor that they go out into the world with and feel strong and confident in their daily lives. Men only have their outfit, shoes and grooming to present themselves as attractive and respectable to other people. Failing to use cologne on a regular basis is overlooking that little something extra which could make all the difference.

Not Being Careful How Much Is Applied

When a man strolls into a room and their cologne wafts uncontrolled across the open space, people look in his direction in surprise. His scent should be appreciated, but not overwhelmingly so. We all know someone who wears too much cologne and usually something that’s both inexpensive and poorly chosen too. It’s up to somebody to be brave enough to tell them to lay off the cologne because they’re positively bathing in it. No one should want to be that guy. Being subtle about placement and the amount of cologne applied is as important as the product chosen.

Not Finding a Sensible Place to Store It

Storing cologne poorly and not taking care of it causes damage to the scent and can change its properties. Sunlight shining on a bottle of cologne from leaving it in the bathroom window or exposed in a vehicle where the sun is hitting it is a bad idea. Another factor that can damage the product is a wide range in temperatures experienced in quick succession. This can happen when going on a vacation to a hotter or colder climate, so care should be taken to keep the bottle in a consistent environment away from excessive cold or hotter temperatures.

If the man in your life can avoid these mistakes with cologne, he’s likely to make better choices of scent and benefit from improved self-esteem too. Some men learn these lessons at a young age whereas others take longer when they’re not used to wearing cologne and need time to get used to it.